Criminal Defense

Over 30 Years of Experience

If you have been arrested, accused of a crime, are under investigation, or suspect of a criminal offense, you deserve experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive criminal defense representation. Before turning to criminal defense, Mark Moyer spent over 30 years as a prosecutor; he knows how the system works. Having been head of the Drug Crimes Unit and the Violent Crimes Unit, Mark Moyer has the experience to understand your case from every angle, both in forming a defense and analyzing your case from the prosecutor’s perspective, offering a realistic assessment of the possible outcomes.

Client-Focused & Driven

Facing criminal charges, be they felonies or misdemeanors, can be daunting. Whether this is your first experience with the criminal justice system or you are accused of being a repeat offender, Mark Moyer will take the time to make sure you understand what this case means for you and your future. Criminal convictions can carry lifetime consequences, and that is why he is committed to being there for his clients every step of the way. He is client-focused and available to you at any time to discuss your situation and help give you peace of mind through the process.

In reality, most criminal cases do not result in a trial, and a plea agreement is often the best course of action. Because of this, you may find some criminal attorneys without much trial experience. From his work as Head of the Drug and Violent Crimes Unit for the Greenville Solicitor’s Office, Mark Moyer has over 200 jury trial cases and over 1,500 prosecutions across his career, allowing him the unique advantage of knowing both the prosecution’s tactics and the strategy for your defense. With this wealth of experience, you can rest easy knowing he will be there for you, whichever route you take.  Mark can help you understand the consequences of your decision so that you do not regret your choice when the case ends.


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Criminal Defense

- Drugs & Paraphernalia
- DUIs
- Serious Felonies
- Misdemeanors

Personal Injury

- Workplace Injuries
- Civil Suits
- Slip/Falls
- Car/Truck Accidents

Student Defense

- Title IX Accusations
- Student & Teacher Conduct Code Violations
- Hazing

The Moyer Law Firm serves the State of South Carolina as a general practice firm in such areas as Criminal Defense, Civil Matters and Family and Domestic Law.

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